Sunday, February 3, 2013

7 Reasons To Buy This $7 Financial Stock

Banco Santander Brazil (BSBR) exists to serve its customers with financial products and services highly similar in nature to the major money center banks in the US. Due to the unique structure of Brazil's banking system BSBR has a competitive edge that would be nonexistent for a bank of its size in the US. In Brazil, six banks comprise nearly the entire banking industry controlling over approximately 90% of the assets throughout the entire system. BSBR is one of these six banks and through its strong levels of profitability and keen location in a demographic-rich area that is in need of financial services offers a highly feasible investment opportunity. This article provides an overview to BSBR's business model, highlights its asset composition as well as recent performance, and then concludes with seven reasons why BSBR is a strong buy at its current market value. Continue reading @...

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